Download Arceus X Neo APK 2024 ( Updated ) Official Version

Would you like to download Arceus X NEO? Which is the latest and updated version? If you want to download Arceus X new apk then we are providing this app for free. You saw many other websites having frustrating steps But here you will find the exact and accurate steps about Arceus X Neo APK.

What is Arceus X Neo?


Arceus X is a MOD Menu Exploit and the goal of this app is to improve Roblox gameplay for Android and iOS users. Users of Android and iOS can execute scripts during the game as it is a Roblox executer. In the development world of games, Roblox is one of the popular names globally. Under the belt of this gaming monster, There are thousands of games. Users can use thousands of MODs and exploits for their Roblox games by using executors.

PC games are available in thousands and hundreds of executors are used for these games.

However, users can not execute scripts in gameplay as there is a lack of dependable executors. So, that was a time for a trustworthy executor to execute codes and scripts in Roblox games on mobile devices. It provides complete integrations and executions for scripts in gameplay.
Users can enjoy a lot of features, like increased gameplay with countless jumps and speed boosters etc.

Arceus X Neo APK Download

Features of Arceus X

Increase Security

Every game user and developer needs security as a priority. To keep security at priority, this app is developed to increase your gameplay. Regular updates and anti-cheat actions turn this app into a security nest.

Easy Script Integration

The script integration into the game is the main purpose of Arceus X Neo. Hundreds of exploits offer script integration in Roblox games. However, in those apps, this process is very tricky but now this is very easy for any user. A floating mod menu helps users to integrate the required features. By using these scripts and integrating desired features, it helps users boost their gameplay.

New Games & Challenges

40 million game experiences are on Roblox and you can access all these games. You can add any game challenge and try a lot of the latest games with the help of this executer. This software is an excellent choice because it offers its users a ton of fresh latest new games and challenges for free. For your Roblox gaming, users can select, use, and try any game of script free of cost.

Unlimited Jumps

Different scripts control various functions of games. Various programming languages are used to write these scripts. You can retweak and replace those scripts with the help of Arceus X. In almost all of the games, jumping is an essential feature. You can change this jumping feature by changing any game script. This is a very interesting feature because you can get unlimited jumps for your gaming. Due to this feature, you can stay ahead of other players.

Super Speed for Gameplay

Gameplay speed and lagging are the main issues of every mobile user. However, to resolve this issue, the Roblox exploit provides a feature. Users can increase/boost the gameplay speed according to their needs. In addition, users can also tweak the speed of characters and elements.

Easy Customization

Arceus X provides easy customization for its users. When a user only thinks about customization, he feels bothered about the codes of the game. But, due to this app, the customization and integration of scripts becomes very easy. In addition, users can also customize the interface of this APK. This feature allows its users to make their gameplay.

Simple User-interface

Executors and exploits typically have a difficult user interface. It is very hard for the users to find the way when they feel that there is a difficulty in the UI. But, for the gameplayers, this Roblox exploit provides a very easy and friendly user interface. Integration of scripts and navigation becomes super easy with the help of this app.

Retweak Your Game Characters

Every game has its own set of in-game characters. These characters play a different role in the game. Few games allow their users to customize their main characters to make them look better and different. However, most games do not allow their users to customize the characters. The good news is that, with the help of this executer users can tweak their characters. They can change character colors, try skins, and textures, and make all other desired changes in their game characters.

Arceus X NEo

Graphic Improvement

Game graphics play a very important role in the success of any game. That’s why every developer tries their best to include the best and most amazing graphics in the games. However high-quality graphics create issues on mobile devices. Due to high quality, mobile devices face lagging issues. Arceus X improves the quality of mobile gaming. With the help of Arcus X users can adjust their graphics according to their needs.

Floating Mod Menu

Integration of scripts in games is a very hard job but with this executor, users can make scripts easily. It becomes possible with the Floating Mod Menu of this app. To use this app, users can merge and mix the features and scripts in distraction.

Compatible with Wide Range of Devices

Roblox exploits and executors are made for PCs, Macs, and other devices. But now Arceus X Neo is available for mobile users. This executor can be used to run scripts on any kind of device and has a wide range of functionality. Users can use it on PCs of brands with friendly versions. In addition, It facilitates mobile users for better gaming. All the users of Android devices can use this Roblox Exploit. Roblox gaming features are also available to users of high-end Android phones.

Free to Use

Roblox gaming platform has a large amount of exploits and MODs. Some of these are not free of cost. On this page of, we are providing an exploit that is not free to download. But users can get all its services free of cost. By using this Roblox users can play games and take them to new heights.

Arceus X Download

  • First, click on the download button to download the Roblox executor.
  • The executor file will download on your Android device.
  • Now click on “Settings” and go to the “Security” section to allow the installation process.
  • Next, launch the APK file and click on Install.
  • After the completing installation process, the Mod menu will install quickly.
  •  Now open the app and provide the Arceus X key.
  • Complete the verification to enjoy your exploiting joy with this app.


How to download Arceus X APK Latest Updated Version 2024?

You can download the latest updated version of this executor from this page by clicking on the download button. In addition, the complete guide is mentioned to download and install this app.

Can I use Arceus X on iOS?

Yes, you can use this app on both devices i.e. Android and iOS for your Roblox gaming boost.

Is it free to Download Arceus X?

Yes, it is free. You can download it from this page and all the services of this app are also free of cost.


Arceus X APK is used on mobile devices for the enhancement of Roblox gaming. The user can use it free of cost. You can customize and integrate the scripts easily. It has a lot of features such as speed and unlimited jumping. This is the best option for mobile game manipulation and script execution due to its floating mod menu and unlimited in-game item customization options.